Team Redline

Founded over 20 years ago, Team Redline is a professional Simulator Racing Team competing at the highest level of sim-racing esports. Over the years, Team Redline has established itself as a leading force in the competitive esports racing scene, winning numerous accolades in their respective categories and solidifying their reputation as the most successful simulator racing team of all time. Team Redline boasts a roster of talented and experienced sim racers from all over the world, having a mix of real and virtual racing drivers, from three-time Formula One world champion Max Verstappen to sim legend Kevin Siggy.

Simulator racing is widely considered among the motorsport community as the purest form of motor racing, allowing passionate racers to come together and compete on the world stage at a fraction of the cost with equal opportunity. Sim racing is continuing to grow as it bridges the gap between real racing and esports.






Team Redline