51st edition of the Station Le Seau Monteberg Rally that will be held on Sunday 7 May. The rally takes place on the Monteberg, a hill located near the town of Dranouter, which provides a challenging terrain for the drivers. The course is approximately 9.5 kilometers long and consists of both tarmac and gravel sections, making it a diverse and demanding race. The Monteberg Rally is known for its fast and technical stages, with some of the most challenging sections requiring precise navigation and quick reflexes. The race is a true test of skill and endurance, and the winner is often the driver who can maintain the highest level of consistency and speed throughout the entire course.

Sun 07 May 2023
Monteberg, Belgium
Position Jos
Monteberg Rally
Monteberg, Belgium
Stage Position Time
1 P1 -2.40
2 P6 +12.00
3 P3 +2.60
4 P2 +1.40
5 P3 +3.30
6 P2 +3.00
7 P2 +1.50
8 P2 +2.40
9 P1 -1.00
10 P1 -1.00
11 P1 -4.20
Overall P1 ┬▒0.00