The Suzuka Circuit is a 3.6-mile long racetrack located in Suzuka, Japan. It is one of the most challenging and iconic tracks in the world, and has hosted the Japanese Grand Prix for many years. The track features a unique figure-eight layout, with a long straightaway that crosses over itself at the center of the circuit. The circuit features a variety of fast and slow corners, including the famous 130R turn, a high-speed right-hander that is taken almost flat out by the top Formula One cars. Another iconic feature of the Suzuka Circuit is the Degner curve complex, a challenging sequence of turns that require precision and finesse from the drivers. The track is also known for its unpredictable weather, which can range from hot and humid to cool and wet, adding an extra level of challenge for drivers and teams. The Suzuka Circuit is considered one of the ultimate driver’s tracks and is a favourite among motorsports fans around the world.

Sun 19 Nov 2023
BMW M Sim Cup Round 10